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Rangers Shut Out Tigers

After a riveting performance on Monday, the Texas Rangers turned around and delivered again, only this time it was a complete shutout. The game ended in a stunning 8-0 and after nine innings of domination, the Rangers walked off the field proud. With the best season in franchise history, you can expect there to be [...] MORE

Indians Do It Again!

The Cleveland Indians pulled off yet another victory against the powerful Minnesota Twins in what is proving to be a very interesting series. The game on Tuesday ended in a close 4-3, solid fielding proved to be the key to success. The Twins have some great hitters and ranked extremely high on that list is [...] MORE

Angels Take Yankees

In a surprising turn of events, the all powerful New York Yankees have been defeated by the L.A. Angels of Anaheim.  No matter that they are missing some of the offensive lineup with Pettitte out of commission, the Angles were on point as they ended the game 10-2. If you follow baseball at all, you [...] MORE

Kansas City Defeats Toronto in Extra Innings

It took ten innings for the duel between these two teams to come to an end. With a stellar performance by Alberto Callaspo, the Royals moved ahead, while the Jays sat in the dust. The game ended 5-4 after a grueling showdown. Sometimes the guy with the worst luck brings home the win. It was [...] MORE

Tampa Bay Rays Keep Going

Even though the Rays are currently playing the Orioles, things haven’t been this good for them in quite a while. The most recent victory of theirs, on Monday, left them at 8-1 over Baltimore. Despite a crushing loss to the all-powerful Yankees, these guys came right back to the field with some great baseball. Losing [...] MORE

Giants Take Dodgers at Home

Rivalries fuel great competition, and rivalries in baseball fuel legends. On Monday, a great rivalry between the Giants and the Dodgers saw another chapter added. The Giants took the Dodgers in a game that ended 5-2 in LA. This was a great game for San Francisco fans, the game was a awesome display of sportsmanship. [...] MORE

Chicago beats Philly

On Sunday, the Chicago Cubs defeated the Phillies in an exciting baseball game that ended 11-6. The great pitching and fielding of the Cubs is what set the team apart. The Cubs are looking strong on the rebound from the All Star break,  a very important time in the season. Online betting. Baseball is [...] MORE

Blue Jays Crush Orioles

The rising Blue Jays dominated their opponents on Sunday. They faced one of the worst teams in the nation, and the results were predictable. The game ended in a severely one-sided 10-1. The Blue Jays really soared above the competition with a cool and collected game. Online sportsbook. This was a great game for Yunel [...] MORE

Indians Tame Tigers

No matter how strong you are, there is always someone who will beat you. This is an age old adage that proves itself true all the time. Cleveland beat the unstoppable Detroit Tigers on Sunday. The game ended an astonishing 7-2; the amazed Indians took the victory with great pride. Sport. Amazingly, one of the [...] MORE

Twins face Season Without Star Slugger

One of the most celebrated teams in the Central divisions is the Minnesota Twins; they have had some amazing games this season, and are well on their way to leadership. Currently placed third in the AL Central Division, the trail the White Sox and the Detroit Tigers. One of their star players is out [...] MORE