The best vegas lines can be found at the most unlikeliest of places. I was browsing through one of my favorite websites, one day not to long ago. If you are not familiar with it basically does what it says on the tin. It lists all of the latest scores and results from a variety of sporting events and also includes listings of various events that are coming up. In this respect there are lots a valuable information and links to help you with your future selections as well as the obvious results that is famous for.

Anyway, I was using the information that is available to help me with my selections for the following days NLF games when I saw a link on the website that grabbed my attention. Now at this point I should mention that is part of the same group as and it seems that is there, as well as giving a wealth of advice, to promote other websites in the same group. This is a very clever idea and all of the websites in the group seem to cross promote each other. They must be doing something right as the group is one of the largest in the industry and has a reputation that is second to none.

The link that grabbed my attention was the link to the vegas insider. Now the Vegas insider is a different website to but as I have already mentioned, it is part of the same group. Now I have always had an interest in Vegas lines and my I could see that I had come to the right place for more information straight away.

Now as you would expect from the name, Vegas Insider, this is essentially a sports picks website and this is an area that I usually don't take a lot of notice of as in an ideal world I would much prefer to pick my own selections. However, when I saw the mention of Vegas lines I was somewhat intrigued and investigated further.

This website is packed full of advice and also offers you the opportunity to take advantage of a wide variety of sports picks. Some of them are free but many of them have a price attached to them which in some cases can be quite high. But they do say that you get what you pay for and the past results of some of these people, and the vegas lines that some of them concentrate on, really does take some beating.

What caught my eye was the section on soccer picks. Now soccer is a favorite of mine and it is very rare to see a US centered company offering sports picks of this nature. With the Fifa World Cup etc in everyone's minds I was interested to see which sports picks they were offering on the tournament. By now I was getting very excited about what was on offer and very pleased that I had clicked on the link from the website.

I thought that the World Cup sports picks were slightly on the expensive side but I contacted the provider of these World Cup sports picks and he showed me the record so far of which to say it was impressive, would be something of an under statement. I agreed to try one out for a match that he recommended and I'm glad that I did. Germany to beat England , to be honest that was the last result that I expected but I decided to go with it and a winning return left me very happy. Don't tell my wife that though as she is a proud English woman.

Something that I always do, if opening a sportsbook account or basically anything where money is involved, is contact the customer support before hand to gauge the response, and this gives me a good idea of how efficient the company is before I deposit any money. In this case I contacted the Vegas Insider website (remember, the link from and the response was very good. I asked questions about the vegas lines and was answered in a prompt and efficient manner. I was told everything that I needed to know and to be honest, I was given information that I would have happily paid for.

After much thought I have chosen someone who specializes in vegas lines to provide me with sports picks on a regular basis. I have chosen a package which is on the expensive side but in my opinion offers excellent value and the past results leave me extremely hopeful of making a very steady profit over both the short term as well as the long term.

When I think back to that idle click through from the website when I was simply looking for more information on Vegas lines, it's funny how things work out but I suppose it can be attributed to the clever marketing from the group in that it is easy to access a choice of many other websites from the

If you decide to go down the same route as me, whether you are looking for vegas lines or sports picks and you wish to ask more questions, there is a contact form at the bottom of the website and they usually get back to you very quickly indeed.